Our aim as a leading practice school is to provide inspirational learning experiences using ICT that educate pupils in all areas of the curriculum.  We have a large network of computers and equipment that provide opportunity to cater for this.

ICT Resources

All classrooms boast interactive whiteboards as well as computers, visualisers, digital cameras, movie cameras and the use of laptops and iPads which allow pupils to access resources through our wireless network.

We have a main ICT suite with 17 computers as well as laser printers.  We also have videoconferencing facilities which allow us to bring “experts” into the classroom environment.

Our Early Years department have their very own purpose built ICT suite comprising of 12 computers, story headphones, handheld digital cameras and microphones.  We also have a SMART interactive table which is controlled by touch.  The children are able to move images, text and paint tools as well as listen to sound and film clips through specifically designed educational activities.

Our Inspiration Station contains 15 computers and a laser printer.  This facility is available to the school community for parents and professionals to use and gain ICT competencies, as well as for pupils to use during the day.

We have a media centre within our art gallery and another inside our library.  These facilities specifically provide equipment that enables pupils to research and create media and films.  Within the library the pupils use technology to borrow books using an electronic borrowing system.  There is also a second SMART interactive table for the older children to have access to.

We have other resources throughout the school such as several class sets of laptops, MP3 players, iPads, Nintendo DSIs and a large section of animation production resources.

At Lent Rise School we believe that through the effective use of ICT resources we are preparing our children for 21st Century learning and living.

Learning and Teaching Internet use is an essential element of 21st Century learning. The school has a duty to provide quality internet access for their pupils. The purpose of internet use in school and thorugh the VLE at home is to raise educational standards, to promote pupils‟ achievement, to support the professional work of staff and to enhance the school‟s management functions. Pupils use the internet widely outside school and need to learn how to use it and evaluate internet information and take care of their own safety and security.  Good planning and preparation is critical in ensuring a safe starting point for the development of web search skills and strategies.


Benefits of using the Internet in education include:

  • access to world-wide educational resources including museums and art galleries;
  • inclusion in the National Education Network which connects all UK schools;
  • educational and cultural exchanges between pupils world-wide;
  • vocational, social and leisure use in libraries, clubs and at home; 
  • access to experts in many fields for pupils and staff; 
  • professional development for staff through access to national developments, educational materials and effective curriculum practice; 
  • collaboration across support services and professional associations;
  • improved access to technical support including remote management of networks and automatic system updates;
  • exchange of curriculum and administration data with BucksCC and the DFE; 
  • access to learning wherever and whenever convenient.


The following are sites that we recommend for further information: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

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