School Uniform

We look to parents to work with the School to ensure that children come to school always maintaining a high standard of dress.

      Boys’ Uniform :

  •    White shirt (preferably with turn down collar and sleeves)
  •    Grey trousers (not jeans, track suit bottoms or cords)
  •    Red V neck pullover or sweatshirt
  •    Black leather shoes (no suedes, trainers or boots)
  •    Dark socks (preferably grey)
  •    School tie (optional, but very strongly encouraged)

      Girls’ Uniform :

  •    White shirt/blouse (preferably with turn down collar and sleeves)
  •    Grey skirt
  •    Grey, high wasited full length trousers
  •    Red cardigan, pullover or sweatshirt
  •    Black leather shoes (no suedes, trainers, slingbacks, heels or boots)
  •    Grey or white socks (or tights)
  •    School tie (optional, but very strongly encouraged)

In the summer, both boys and girls may wear grey shorts. The girls may wear red gingham or striped dresses. Shoes may be changed to black, closed-toe, leather summer sandals.


P.E. Uniform :

  •    White T-shirt
  •    Red shorts
  •    Running shoes or sports trainers for outdoor sport
  •    Red, black or grey tracksuit bottoms


Where appropriate, we would like school uniform to have the school badge on them and these can be purchased from School Days Direct: 

School Days Direct Ltd

20A Buckingham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4QA

T: 01628 665353

You do not have to buy items with the school badge, however we do ask that you match the school red exactly. This helps to maintain standards of dress.

School uniform can be very expensive, please ensure that items are clearly named.


Standards of Appearance

Hair must be neat and tidy with no extremes of colour or style, or shaved patterns on the head and must not be beneath collar length for boys. 

We ask that no jewellery is to be worn.  If your child has pierced ears, only plain gold studs should be worn, however the Health and Safety Executive state that all jewellery must be removed for P.E. and Games - please, therefore, ensure that your child knows how to remove them.

It is better for the children not to wear jewellery on PE/Games days as it is not realistic to expect teachers to look after children's jewellery and the teacher cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to jewellery worn by children.

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