Sports Funding 2019 to 2020

Sport Funding Information 2019/20


The PE and sport premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils. This is aimed to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles, combatting physical inactivity, increasing parental engagement and ensuring PE is fully inclusive to all children. The DfE have confirmed that the amount of funding received for the academic year 2019/20 will remain doubled, with schools receiving funding based on the number of pupils on roll. Schools with 17 or more pupils on roll will receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil. Lent Rise School will receive £16,000 plus an additional £4030 (£10 x 443 pupils on roll), making a total of £20,430.

This is the last confirmed year for the additional funding.


Sports Premium Funding Allocation expected for 2019-20 £19,880

  • In 2019/20 we will be using the funding to:
  • Participate in the Bucks Sports Partnership.
  • Roll out RealPE curriculum across the school.
  • Support teachers in the implementation of the RealPe curriculum.
  • Professionally develop staff through team teaching opportunities with expert practitioners – dance, gymnastics, rugby, football and swimming
  • Train staff in specialist and comprehensive P.E. first aid training for Sports Clubs.
  • Maintain and purchase specialist P.E. equipment and general play and leisure equipment. 
  • Allow access to the school outdoor gym to all children before, during and after school.
  • Access competitions through different sports and for a variety if students and year groups, including inter-house and inter-school
  • Promote health, wellbeing and fitness through various schemes including Fit in 5. Including allowing families to access the walk before school.
  • Look to increase parental engagement through healthy living schemes.
  • Providing PE kit for all children.
  • Increase outside coaching to promote PE
  • Promote PE and active lifestyles for all children.
  • Allow all children to access, participate, learn, enjoy and improve through the PE curriculum.
  • Increase activity in children throughout the school day.
  • Promote healthy eating through a Healthy Eating Week
  • Focus on leadership and personal best in PE lessons
  • Provide additional physical activity to children in-line with Government guidelines
  • Hold a Physical Activity Week and look to provide children with further sporting and physical activities.

The school will continue to commit to:

  • engage and enthuse pupils to participate in high quality, meaningful school competition, supporting them in achieving their personal best in school and life.
  • continue to provide access to a range of opportunities for pupils to take part in competitive and non-competitive sports inside and outside of school.
  • continue to provide opportunities for pupils to develop leadership skills and aspects of citizenship through volunteer roles as sports leaders. Sports Leaders support and implement playtime initiatives to support physical activities and play for all students.
  • work with the Bucks Sports Partnership to enhance a range of opportunities for the pupils, including before and after school clubs.
  • Support from experienced sports professionals in enhancing the sports curriculum throughout the school.
  • promote a healthy attitude towards being physically active.
  • increase physical activity levels in less active children
  • provide opportunities for young people with limited mobility the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports.
  • purchase new and exciting sports equipment to engage all students across the school.
  • enhance teaching though specialist staff training provision:

o   Links with local sports clubs to identify how to support G&T students and to encourage children to attend sports clubs outside of school.

o   Key staff to continue to develop Sports and P.E. knowledge by attending sports training days.

o   Staff training twilight session based on games and executing a whole class game.

o   One – to – One work with teachers from each year band over the course of the year to build skills and knowledge.

o   After school clubs -football, netball, athletics.

o   Cycling skills for Y6.


Conclusion of 2018-2019

Measuring Impact:   Please see a summary below of how we have measured the impact of PE funding for the academic year 2018/19. For full details please see the school’s PE strategy for 2018/19. Within the last year we have ensured effective use of funding in the following ways and will commit to continuation of this in the forthcoming year.

  • We have continued to develop and improve the number of internal school competitions. These have included football, netball and athletics.  
  • We have participated in external competitions across a number of sports and activities.
  • We measure student involvement in extracurricular clubs and funding clubs to allow access to a variety of sports to all children. 
  • We monitor children's ability to successfully swim a minimum of 25m at the end of Year 6.
  • We use pupil questionnaires to gain feedback from pupils.
  • Initiated the realPe curriculum to improve PE for all children, with the PE coordinator attending extensive training in order to support staff.
  • We record and compare competitions and evaluate impact on individual children as well as the school as a whole.
  • Students attend swimming lessons in Year 3, 4 and 5. The school monitors swimming attendance, G&T swimmers and identifies whether or not children can swim 25m.
  • Children are assessed against the National Curriculum by all teachers to monitor improvement and development in all areas of P.E and Games.
  • We have increased sports day sessions to increase participation.
  • We have implemented the Fit in 5 scheme to increase daily activity in all children, with a focus towards achieving 30 minutes every day.
  • Increased participation from outside clubs and agencies in developing PE lessons across the school. This has included support from Alfriston School, Sports4Champions athlete visit and Chance to Shine Cricket.
  • Achieved the Bronze School, Games certificate.
  • Completed Fitin5 track to allow increased access
  • Developed Active Blasts in lessons to increase children’s physical activity



Our priorities are: 

  • To develop the Real PE Curriculum.
  • To enhance and improve teaching and learning across the school.
  • To evaluate the Sports Trust value for money
  • To be fully inclusive for all children. 
  • To continue to develop competition within and out of school, to involve students in all areas of organisation of sport.
  • To promote a positive, healthy and active lifestyle, aiming to ensure children are active for 30 mins a day every day when they are at school.
  • Increase Physical activity in children through active lessons, Fitin5 and increased physical activity lessons.
  • Identify least active children and provide extra provision
Engage all children through an Active Week to include taster activities for children

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