Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!
The teaching in Year 1 is exciting, vibrant and enthusiastic.  Each lesson is well planned and organised to encourage children to have a desire to learn, want to find out more and to create a love of each subject. During Year 1 the children will gain essential knowledge and skills in many different subject areas.

Work is focused around a variety of curriculum themes, reading texts and genres.  Children are encouraged to participate in a range of activities including: creative and nonfiction writing, dramatisation, problem solving and scientific enquiry.

We aim to ensure that they all have the opportunity to reach their full potential and that they are well prepared and confident by the end of the year.

The English curriculum is enhanced by visits from theatre groups as well as National and International Book Day themes.  Speeches and performances are run by a guest author, further workshops on creative writing and related topics are held throughout the year and a visit from a celebrated poet makes Year 1 an exciting place to be!

Numeracy is made exciting by using specialised software on the computers, Bee-Bots and through practical investigations. Numeracy is reinforced through weekly online homework given by the teachers to develop the children’s use of ICT.

In Year 1 the children are exposed to a variety of different ICT and media resources on a regular basis; these resources are used across the curriculum.  This includes use of digital cameras, Bee-Bots, computers and IPads.  Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and each class has regular timetabled slots in the ICT suite.  We explore animation, modelling and retell fairy tales with support from our ICT expert. 

We use scientific enquiry to investigate the local area in Geography.  We have the opportunity to use our Eco Garden to plant fruit, vegetables and sunflowers.  We then watch and investigate the growth of the plants and enjoy the final product!

This is a year filled with exploring and practical hands on learning.  We create a fruit salad and build and design our own sculptures.  We explore world dance themes and we use guest sports coaches to enhance the curriculum.

The varied and differentiated curriculum in Year 1 allows every child an opportunity to find an area of the curriculum they love and want to learn more about.  The abundance of ICT and media on offer in Year 1 allows all students to develop a love for ICT across the curriculum.

This year, we will be introducing Child Initiated Play throughout the day in year one. This is to ensure a smooth transition from Early Years to Key Stage One. The children will have different activities available to them, to access independently or supported. These tasks will be topic linked, observed and marked by the teacher throughout the day.

We use a system called Target Tracker to help monitor the progress children make at Lent Rise School. The documents below show a series of 'I can' statements that explain the different things children should achieve to be at the Age Related Expectation at the end of their Year band.

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