Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
The School day
Following well-being and reading activities as the children come in, each class begin the school day with a maths lesson using carefully selected concrete resources to support learning. Maths lessons are planned and delivered to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills in addition to numerical literacy. This is followed by a daily spelling session. 
After break time pupils will develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills within English lessons which are planned to complement topical learning. Each lesson begins with a focused grammar or punctuation starter which will support the main lesson's focus. Some genres taught in the Year 4 curriculum include persuasive writing, adventure stories, letters and diaries, newspaper reports, explanation- and information texts. 
Topic lessons usually take place in the afternoons and incorporate different subjects through one shared theme. Our topics throughout the year are: Vikings, Egyptians and Oceans. 
Our PE lessons take place on Tuesday afternoons and encourage development of physical skills. 
We use a system called Target Tracker to help monitor the progress children make at Lent Rise School. The documents below show a series of 'I can' statements that explain the different things children should achieve to be at the Age Related Expectation at the end of their Year band.