Autumn Term

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Welcome back for another year! We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are ready for lots of fun and interesting lessons. We are hugely excited to share with you all of the topics that we will be covering!

In Maths, we start the year with a focus on place value and ensuring that we can confidently understand even larger numbers than the children encountered in Year 2! Following this, we will begin to focus closely on addition and subtraction, beginning to use the column method to calculate larger sums.

Our topic for this term focusses on the Amazon rainforest, with most of our learning surrounding this fascinating place. Within English, we will be reading The Great Kapok Tree. This text focusses on the damage to the rainforests and the impact it has on wildlife and us. Using the messages learnt from the animals, we will learn to write persuasive speeches about saving the rainforest. Alongside this, our oracy skills will develop through debates, vocal speeches and group discussions.

Our science lessons will run alongside this, highlighting specific features of the rainforest. We will learn about the different layers and the animals that can be found within each section. A specific focus on rainforest plants will be taken, analysing their uses within the ecosystem and their importance to humans. Within geography, we will take a deep dive into the location and climate of rainforest. Using this knowledge, we will make comparisons with these regions and our own locality. Our topic lessons link closely to our English writing as we will learn about the impact of deforestation on the people of the rainforest and the rest of the world.

Trips, Visits and Visitors

Trip- Living Rainforest  

We take a journey through the Amazon, focussing on plant and animal adaptations. This will be taking place on Tuesday 3rd October.  

Student Voice

“I have really enjoyed taking part in ball games in PE and practising different skills. I have also enjoyed learning about the rainforest and I am looking forward to learning about the romans and roman numerals.”-Leo H


“I have enjoyed my new teacher because we have lots of fun. I also find my art lessons fun because we get to do painting. I am really looking forward to our trip to the living rainforest and seeing all of the animals there!” - Leila 


 “I have enjoyed doing maths, especially adding hundreds, tens and ones. I also like the English because it feels like we are actually in a rainforest. I am looking forward to learning about the plants in the rainforest because I want to find out if any of them are poisonous!” - Alexander


“I like doing the maths because I like using the base 10! I have enjoyed our persuasive speech about the rainforest because it is fun write with a point of view when persuading people. I am really excited to go to the Living Rainforest because I want to see all of the different animals.” -  Ridley 

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Key Dates

PE – Monday & Wednesday 

Library – Monday  

Year 3 Recommended Reads
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Accelerated Reader

Week beginning 27.11.23

3A-Taran- 40,405 

3E- Ridley- 15,064 

Year 3 Class Buddies
3A: Sienna, Darcie, Rose 
3E: Georgiana, Florence, Kyreen, Aariya

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