At Lent Rise School, our music curriculum, structured around the innovative Charanga scheme, is designed to empower children to perform, review, and critically evaluate music across diverse contexts. Through singing, creating, and composing, children delve into the mechanics of music production and communication. Our aim is to cultivate respect and curiosity for music’s cultural and personal impact, fostering an understanding of its diverse expressions and appreciating its value in enriching personal and community life.


Our phased implementation of the government’s Model Music Curriculum (MMC) is integrated with Charanga’s Model Music scheme. In the initial phases, Years 1 to 3 will continue with the MMC, while Years 4 to 6 will transition through a blend of the MMC scheme and Charanga’s original scheme. Our approach emphasises flexibility, ensuring tailored educational progress that meets our children’s needs.

Our curriculum supports comprehensive musicianship through singing, listening, composing, and performing, all grounded in classroom activities and expanded through concerts and assemblies. For us, Charanga provides support for these activities, offering structured weekly lessons across all year groups, accessible to both specialist and non-specialist teachers. This scheme not only adheres to DfE requirements but also enriches our children’s learning experiences by exposing them to a wide range of musical concepts and practices.

To enhance our children's understanding of global music traditions, we introduce a weekly thematic exploration of diverse musical styles, fostering a broader appreciation and deeper understanding of music's varied cultural expressions.


The music curriculum at Lent Rise provides a balanced programme that supports children in discovering and developing their musical abilities. Through engagement with diverse musical roles—as listeners, creators, and performers—children enhance their self-awareness and social skills. They gain insights into different cultures and historical contexts, reflecting the goals of our curriculum. This approach fosters a measured appreciation for music, equipping children with the skills to pursue musical interests according to their individual inclinations.

Pathway Subject Statement

At Lent Rise School, we have integrated the Charanga music scheme to anchor our music curriculum, ensuring a consistent and progressive learning experience for all our children. Charanga enriches our curriculum by offering a wide range of musical styles and genres, allowing children to engage deeply with music through active listening, performing, and composing. Our lessons are designed to be inclusive, providing every child with the opportunity to develop their musical skills and express themselves creatively. This approach supports our overarching goals of fostering musical literacy and appreciation among our children, preparing them for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and cultural understanding.

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