The personal, social, health, relationships and economic development of our pupils is a vital element of education, and we aim to work collaboratively with parents/carers to ensure our children are well informed and supported to make healthy, safe, and positive choices in all aspects of their daily lives 

We aim to provide high quality PSHRE provision that will support pupils to develop life skills which will enable them to manage change, make healthy and safe choices, build character and be resilient, reflective, and responsible members of society.  

Our PSHRE provision has been designed to be age appropriate, whilst being sensitive to the needs of our whole school community to ensure PSHRE provision gives our pupils an education which will support them both now and in the future 

Our PSHRE provision is underpinned by the 2010 Equalities Act and provides an inclusive curriculum that promotes understanding and mutual respect for all. We reflect diversity within our curriculum to ensure that no pupil feels excluded and teach pupils to understand, respect and celebrate difference and challenge stigma 

Our PSHRE provision extends beyond the curriculum and includes themed days, assemblies and fully supports our school’s ethos and values. PSHRE is part of our school’s broad and balanced curriculum supporting spiritual, moral cultural, social, and cultural education, citizenship, equalities, and safeguarding. Our curriculum is planned to ensure aspirations and ambition for all our pupils. The pupils will learn how to be resilient and effective learners. They will embed creativity, learning through a wide variety of skills; ensuring the pupils develop healthy minds and bodies. The pupils will learn through our Learn Reach Shine values in order to develop their character and curiosity. 

Through the curriculum the pupils will become courageous learners, demonstrating success and perseverance. They will be happy learners with inquiring minds. They will be eloquent and articulate, showing an interest and understanding in the world around them. Their experiences will prepare them with hope and confident for the future. 


At Lent Rise school statutory Relationships Education and Health Education are taught as part of a structured PSHRE curriculum. We also teach Economic Education and relevant themes to support our pupils to manage their lives both now and in the future.  

At Lent Rise school we use the Jigsaw scheme of work as a foundation for the planning and delivery of PSHRE. The programme of study is adapted to provide a relevant and age-appropriate curriculum and taught through three core themes: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me. We provide a spiral curriculum to ensure pupils are taught key aspects of PSHRE at a relevant and age-appropriate level and in line with their continuing personal, social, and emotional development 


  • PSHRE provision provides pupils with well-chosen opportunities and contexts to explore and embed new knowledge that can be used confidently in real life situations 

  • Pupils are able to form healthy, happy relationships with other children and adults and recognise the features of unhealthy relationships and have strategies to challenge negative behaviour of others and seek help when needed  

  • Pupils know how and when to ask for ask for help and where to access support  

  • Pupils are well informed and recognise the risks they may encounter both on and offline and are able to make safe choices    

  • Pupils are enabled to take responsibility for their actions and understand the implications and consequences of their own decisions   

  • Pupils are well prepared for the next steps of their lives  

  • Pupils have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to live healthy, happy lives  

  • Pupils understand and respect differences between themselves and others 

Pathway Subject Statement: 

We have adopted the Jigsaw PSHE scheme throughout Lent Rise School to ensure we follow an inclusive and consistent whole school approach to PSHE. It equips our pupils with the tools needed for happy, healthy lives and to help them be effective learners; connecting the pieces of Personal, Social, Health and Well-Being Education together.  


The programme teaches our pupils and young people emotional literacy, social - and lifelong skills, RSE/RSHE and resilience in an age-appropriate manner. Jigsaw gives our pupils the tools to have the best possible life.  

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