Read Write Inc. Spelling

At Lent Rise School we follow the Read Write Inc Spelling scheme. Spelling builds upon the phonics which pupils are taught in KS1. Once pupils have completed the Read, Write, Inc. Phonic programme they will learn to develop their spelling skills using the Read, Write, Inc. Spelling scheme.


Children focus on one spelling pattern, or rule, for a number of sessions and develop their confidence and understanding of the words along the way. Each unit follows the same pattern, allowing the children to focus solely on learning and understanding the spellings rather than learn how to do new activities.


Statutory Spelling Lists

The children are taught the words from the statutory list from the National Curriculum. These are called orange words in Read Write Inc Spelling. The word-lists for years 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6 are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but the 100 words in each list can easily be taught within the four years of key stage 2 alongside other words that teachers consider appropriate.


Year 1 words

Year 2 words

Year 3/4 words 

Year 5/6 words


Spelling Activities

These activities include dictation, ‘four-in-a-row’ (working with a partner to spell four given words correctly in a row) and ‘dots and dashes’ (identifying the graphemes in words).They also include exercises such as Team Teach, where children test their spelling in small groups; Red and Orange words, which involves revising high-frequency words from the statutory word-lists that are often misspelt; and Special Focus sessions, which tackle topics such as homophones and contractions, which often lead to confusion.

The orange and red words, for use at home, can be downloaded below. 

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