The Lent Rise Team

Mrs J. Watson

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss S. Boxall

Assistant Headteacher, Year 2 Teacher, Parental Engagement Co-ordinator

Miss H. Slade

Office Administrator

Mr L. Clay

ICT tech support

Mr D. Holliday


Miss H. Johns

Early Years Teacher, Early Years Phase Leader, Phonics Coordinator, Music Co-ordinator

Miss I. Pomares

Year 1 Teacher

Miss R. Enright

Year 2 Teacher , Science Co-ordinator

Miss P. Reeves

Year 3 Teacher, Pupil Premium Lead

Mr A. Waldeck

Year 4 Teacher, ICT Co-ordinator

Miss K. Vessey

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs E. Joyce

Year 6 Teacher, Y 5/6 Phase Leader

Mr M. Harman

Year 6 Teacher, Year 3/4 Phase leader and Maths Co-ordinator

Mrs H. Springford

Teacher, MFL Co-ordinator, ECT Mentor

Mrs Z. Osmani

Early Years Teaching Assistant, Club Assistant

Mrs K. Ide

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Nursery Leader

Mrs A. Lewis

Teaching Assistant, Nurture Practitioner, Club Assistant

Miss M. Porter

Teaching Assistant, Club Assistant

Miss K. Akehurst

Teaching Assistant, Nurture Practitioner

Mrs M. Jaswal

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Anderson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs P. Moriarty

Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Arshad

Teaching Assistant

Ms A. Shailes

Teaching Assistant

Miss D Moule

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Bailey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Gray

Dinner Supervisor and Club assistant

Mrs L. Lewis

Dinner Supervisor, Club Assistant

Mrs M. Mir

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs R. Small

Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A. Parker

School Business Manager

Mr R. Jenkins


Mrs L. Barnard

Office Manager

Miss M. White

Admin and Finance Team

Miss M Fisher

Early Years Teacher

Mr E. Anderson

Year 1 Teacher

Miss I. Grella

Year 2 Teacher, PE lead , Y 1/2 Phase Leader

Miss K Ward

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs K. Carter

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs L. Burniki


Mrs J Kapica

Year 5 Teacher

Mr S North

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs K. Pavely


Mrs H. Wise

Early Years Teaching Assistant, Club Assistant

Mrs K. Foley

Higher Level Teaching, Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Club Leader

Miss K. Whittle

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Truphet

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. Anand

Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Norris

Teaching Assistant, ELSA

Mrs S. Caltagirone

Teaching Assistant,

Ms M. Hawkins

Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Miss J. Lovell

Teaching Assistant and Office Admin

Mrs R Sankla

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Green

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Harding

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs A. Ruffle

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs K Corkhill

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs S. Duggala

Club Assistant

Mrs S. Hassan

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs E. Harris

Dinner Supervisor

Lent Rise School Academy Trust is a Company incorporated in England and Wales,
limited by guarantee with registered Company number 9801986.

Registered office: Lent Rise School, Coulson Way, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7NP