Enrichment Afternoon at Lent Rise School

Enrichment Afternoon at Lent Rise School

At Lent Rise School the curriculum is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers. These skills are at the heart of all lessons; to continue to develop these further, every Wednesday the children experience and enrichment afternoon where they experience a wide range of activities.

Key Stage One

Children in year 1 and year 2 begin their afternoon by exploring the outdoors focusing on ‘Being Me in My World’ ! Through carefully planned activities, the children learn about nature, how to care for the outdoors and how to encourage new life and growth. Outdoor learning provides the children with the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination.

Key Stage Two

Building confidence when speaking and questioning what they disagree with or don’t understand, is essential to learning. During Chatty Buddies, the children get to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings with the peers and adults. To help develop their communication skills, upper key stage two is paired with lower key stage two (year 3 and 5, and year 4 and 6).

Children have the opportunity to play games and have discussions to grow their reasoning and debating skills whilst thinking about important issues or questions.

During the afternoon, pupils from across key stage one and key stage two – within their year bands - get the chance to participate in a range of enrichment activities:

  • Spanish lessons: These lessons are taught by Spanish speaking specialists.
  • Computing: Children learn about e-safety, how to conduct themselves online, how to ensure they are safe when using a range of media and how to communicate effectively and safely.
  • Indoor and outdoor P.E: Focussing on the skills from Real P.E – Personal, Cognitive, Social, Health and Fitness, Creative and Physical
  • P4C/PSHRE: Linked to our Jigsaw PSHRE scheme, the children participate in Philosophy for Education and making connections between themselves and the world
  • Music: Key stage one has focused on body percussion whereas key stage two have been looking at how music is composed and used in filming

Each week, the children will experience three of the subjects and the others the week after. This broad range of activities immerses the children in the subjects, giving them the opportunity to further develop their skills in these areas.

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