Design & Technology


At Lent Rise School, our intent is to deliver a wide, skills-based curriculum that equips pupils with the knowledge and understanding that they can apply in later life. We want all our pupils to be equipped for learning and to develop critical thinking skills that enable them to make good choices and reflect and reason. Our pupils work with ambition in a safe and secure environment.  


Our Design and Technology curriculum is planned to ensure aspirations and ambition for all our pupils is attainable. The pupils will learn how to be resilient and effective learners. They will embed creativity, learning through a wide variety of skills; ensuring the pupils develop healthy minds and bodies and recognise that safety is paramount. The pupils will learn through our Learn Reach Shine values to develop their character and curiosity. 


Through the Design and Technology curriculum, the pupils will become courageous learners, demonstrating success and perseverance. They will be happy learners with inquiring minds. They will be eloquent and articulate, showing an interest and understanding in the world around them. Their experiences will prepare them with hope and confidence for the future. 

Pathway Subject Statement: 

To prepare and equip children for our rapidly changing world, nurturing their creativity and helping them develop their risk-taking skills, resourcefulness, innovation, and enterprise, thus in turn allowing them to be capable citizens through the acquisition of skills, allowing them to know more, remember more and understand more.  

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