At Lent Rise School our intent is to deliver a mathematics curriculum that supports our pupils with skills for life. Our aim is for all pupils to be equipped for learning; to develop thinking skills to enable them to make good choices whilst reflecting and reasoning. Our pupils will work with resilience in a safe and secure environment and will be prepared for life’s journey. 



Our mastery mathematics curriculum is planned to ensure high aspirations and ambition for all our pupils. The pupils will learn how to be resilient and effective learners. They will embed creativity, learning through a wide variety of skills; ensuring the pupils develop curious minds. The pupils will learn through our Learn Reach Shine values to develop their curiosity as mathematicians. 



Through the mathematics curriculum, pupils will become confident learners, demonstrating success and perseverance. Pupils will demonstrate skills in varied fluency, reasoning and problem-solving through the application of a range of progressive and embedded strategies. They will become fluent and able to articulate their interest and understanding of mathematics in real-life. Their learning experiences will prepare them with confidence for further education and learning. 

Pathway Subject Statement:
At Lent Rise we teach children to be resilient and curious mathematicians and build skills needed for life. We have adopted a mastery-based curriculum developing children’s fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills through a carefully sequenced curriculum, using small steps, to allow children to experiment and explore whilst deepening their understanding. We really focus on the ‘WHY?’ rather than the ‘How?’ ensuring children can explain their thinking and try to find multiple solutions to problems using the RUCSAC approach. 

We aim to provide children with a variety of teaching approaches including individual, small groups and whole class activities ensuring maths is as practical as possible. This will include discussion in small and large groups with, and without, the teacher so that the children can talk about their mathematics using rich vocabulary, share ideas and learn from others. Reasoning activities should be part of all lessons, be it during questioning or as challenges in lessons. 


Lessons incorporate White Rose and Classroom Secrets so that there is continuity between year groups and the children become familiar with using the resources so re-teaching of resources is no longer required from year to year. 


Children have an additional mathematics session 4 days per week focussing on fluency and key number facts. In EYFS and KS1 the children work on developing key number facts using Mastering Number and in KS2 the focus is on times tables. Children have daily opportunities to reinforce times tables facts, and these are explicitly taught to the children. The children in KS2 use FunkeyMaths times tables cards to develop their times tables knowledge. 


Our Nursery follow Master the Curriculum. The scheme is aligned with the White Rose Maths framework and offers resources designed to help children work towards maths mastery and have fun while doing so!

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