School Council

School Council
Every academic year at Lent Rise School each class votes for one member of their class to become their school council representative.
Once decided they will meet regularly with Miss Burniki to feedback ideas raised on behalf of their peers to benefit the school and pupils in the school.The Council Members discuss each idea and decide whether it is a good one. If the idea is unanimously agreed, the chairperson makes the decision based on the budget. The children fundraise for their ideas through an annual 'sponsored spell' and the self run and funded stationery shop. 
Being a member of the school council teaches responsibility, respect and compromise. It encourages different Year bands to work together and helps children develop financial responsibility. 
‘It involves the children in having ideas and making decisions about their school with help and advice from teachers when needed. Children have to think carefully about what makes a sensible idea. It gives us pride in our school because WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!’ - The School Council

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