At Lent Rise School our intent is to deliver a curriculum that supports our pupils to gain an understanding of the world around them. We want all of our pupils to recognise the unique locality Lent Rise and understand it’s locality within the wider world. Our pupils will be ambitious and courageous, willing to learn about different peoples, cultures and countries.



Our curriculum is planned to ensure all pupils learn about the diverse world they live in. The curriculum is planned for each geographical skill to be built on across year groups, culminating in geographical experts by the time they finish Year 6. A clear progression map ensures that all topics are covered, and our Learn Retrieve Share challenges will ensure this knowledge is not forgotten. Our pupils will receive teaching embedded with our Learn Reach Shine Values, ensuring they become curious and confident learners.



By the time our pupils finish Lent Rise, they would have developed a wide variety of Geographical skills. The children will confidently recognise their own locality on a variety of map types; using this knowledge to describe our country’s location within our continent and the wider world. They will be able to describe the cultures and way of life for different people across the world, making acute comparisons with their own living.

Pathway Subject Statement: 

To inspire a curiosity for the world around us and the people and places within it, aiming for all children to develop an in-depth understanding of the changing world.

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