Homework is an important area of our philosophy, it links our children's learning at school with their learning at home and it strengthens the partnership between school and family. In response to feedback from all our stakeholder groups, including parents, teacher and pupils, we introduced some adjustments to the homework system from September 2017:

  • A reduction of weekend homework to support daily practice of reading and times tables and individualised homework tasks to support specific areas.
  • A more consistent approach to homework being collated, where possible, in books so that feedback can be shared with the pupils and parents and used to support learning.
  • A continuation of Maths, Topic/Reading, Comprehension and Spellings/Phonics weekday homework systems as directed by the class teachers.
  • More time for tasks to be handed in to support family organisation.
  • Holiday homework tasks to be optional projects – these are not be formally marked but they will be shared as a celebration/Show and Tell if a child wishes to do so. We do appreciate that although many parents feel holiday homework is a burden on home/life balance, others do value these projects and have followed parent's requests to support learning in these topic areas.


Homework is given to all children from Early Years to Year 6. We see homework as an extension or reinforcement of activities that the children are involved with at school. Class teachers may ask pupils to read (sharing a book with a parent), to learn tables or spellings. There may be a need to do some research relating to a topic, or there may be more formal homework. From Year 3 our students will be given the details for there CENTURY sign in. 

At Lent Rise, we’re always looking for ways to extend our students’ learning. That’s why, as part of our school improvement programme, we are now using CENTURY for our key stage 3 children – a ground-breaking online learning platform.


CENTURY Log in page


What is CENTURY?

CENTURY is an online learning tool for students. It combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience.

The platform identifies every student’s strengths, gaps in knowledge and misconceptions. Students can log in and complete work that has been suggested for them by the advanced recommendation engine, or work which has been set by teachers.

It allows students to take control of their own learning and for teachers to get real-time data on progress, allowing them to quickly identify which students need support or additional challenge.

What does this mean for my child’s learning?

CENTURY will complement existing teaching methods. Teachers have the freedom to decide how they incorporate CENTURY into classroom and home learning.

The school will ensure that all students will have access to appropriate facilities to complete work on CENTURY.

Accessing CENTURY

Students are able to access CENTURY at anytime and anywhere. It is available to them in school and also at home. All they need to do is visit the CENTURY website and enter their unique login details. Their login details will have been given to them by their teacher.

The platform can be accessed from tablets and laptops on up-to-date versions of most common browsers. The best browsers are Chrome on PCs and Android devices and Safari on iPads. It is not currently optimised for use on mobile phones.

What does this mean for my child’s personal data

CENTURY is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legislation, including GDPR and has processes in places to ensure data is secure. Personal information, such as names and dates of birth are authorised to be shared by the school according to the data sharing agreement signed by all parents.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions about CENTURY, please feel free to get in touch with your child’s teacher, or alternatively you can visit CENTURY’s website www.century.tech or email CENTURY at support@century.tech.


We rely on all parents to support our Homework Policy and to share this time with their children. In the early years this may only be 10 minutes a night, but this should progress to at least thirty minutes each night by Year 6.


This link between home and school is so important.  Please do let us know if you have any queries, but, most of all, please contact us with any thoughts or comments over your child's homework – we are always keen to expand the two-way communication process.

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