Medication in School

If your child requires medication during school time, please complete the permission form below. Please note this form must be completed by someone with parental responsibility for the child and cannot be signed by a childminder or grandparent (unless they are court appointed guardians). An adult should bring the completed form and the medication which should be labelled with the child's name to the school office. An adult must also collect the medication from school at the end of the day.


Children who have been prescribed a reliever inhaler should have one in school at all times. Inhalers are kept within easy reach in the child's classroom.

Emergency Inhaler

Children who have a reliever inhaler can also have access to the school's emergency inhaler. This is not designed to replace a child's inhaler but can be used if their inhaler is broken, empty, out of date or missing. Parents must complete a permission form before children can have access to this inhaler. Please speak to Mrs Barnard in the school office for more information.

Auto-injector Devices

If your child has been prescribed an auto-injector device (such as an Epipen, a Jext pen or an Emeraid pen) please speak to the school office. We will set up a healthcare plan for your child which details their allergies and the emergency action to take. We must have at least one auto-injector device in school for your child at all times (two is preferable). When children go on school trips or visits off-site they will need to take two auto-injector devices.

We keep the children's auto-inject devices in our admin office so that they can be found quickly in an emergency. All staff are trained in anaphylaxis awareness and using auto-injector devices.

For more detailed advice about medication in school please download our medications policy, or speak to Mrs Barnard in the School Office. 

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