Voice 21 and Chatty Buddies

Voice 21 and Chatty Buddies

Oracy Intent: Listen, Respect, Share

At Lent Rise School we recognise the importance of children having their own voice to help them Learn, Reach and Shine! Providing a supportive environment where our pupils have the confidence to express their own opinions whilst listening to others in a respectful manner, will offer them opportunities to succeed in the future.

From confident speeches in KS2 to children learning how to turn take in Nursery, spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing. Our aim is to embed the key elements of Oracy: Physical, Linguistic, Cognitive and Social and Emotional throughout the whole curriculum.

To prepare our learners for the wider world, they will learn to: respect others’ ideas and justify their own with reasons; question what they don’t understand; and develop a rich vocabulary. At Lent Rise School we are inclusive: everyone’s voice and opinion matters.

Voice 21

Voice 21 is an initiative aimed at developing pupils into confident and respectful speakers and listeners.  With a strong focus on voicing thoughts and feelings and sharing their knowledge of the curriculum, Voice 21 increases children’s confidence to participate in lessons, share ideas with their peers and talk with clarity.

To embed this into our curriculum and the children’s lessons, the children have been participating in Chatty Buddies! Classes are buddied up with each other – year 3 and 5, and year 4 and 6. This enables the children to form positive and supportive relationships with their older peers.

During these lessons, the children use and apply a range of oracy skills and tactics to participate fully in discussions and activities. Children are becoming proficient at using sentence stems to challenge each other, build on each other’s ideas, summarise topics, clarify points and instigate conversations. Each week, the topic talked about will be here for you to chat about at home!

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