Pathway Subject Statement:

English is at the heart of all learning at Lent Rise School. A language-rich curriculum is the key to learning across all subject areas, developing pupil’s confidence and allowing them to achieve in all aspects of their life. English has its own independent identity within Lent Rise School, ensuring a personalised and differentiated, yet consistent and collaborative approach to the way we teach it across our school.

Reading at Lent Rise School begins with our youngest pupils in Nursery and remains at the heart of all we do throughout our pupils learning journey with us. Our pupils learn to read with confidence, fluency and understanding, providing them with the skills required to achieve a lifetime of enjoyment through reading. We foster our pupils love of reading by creating stimulating reading environments, access to a vast range of high-quality books – and a want to read with independence and for pleasure.

From Nursery, pupils are exposed to the Read Write Inc. Phonics scheme (RWI). Some of our KS2 pupils continue to access phonics groups and interventions if they need further consolidation and development of reading skills. 


Once our pupils have progressed through the RWI Phonics scheme, they will be allocated a text using ‘Accelerated Reader’. Reading is embedded throughout our curriculum, with high quality texts used within our English, Topic and Guided Reading sessions. During our whole class and carousel Guided Reading sessions, we use VIPERS to develop our pupils reading comprehension and expose them to a range of high-quality and award nominated texts. 

Writing at Lent Rise School is a journey along intertwining paths developing our pupils understanding and exposure to different types of writing genres with a wide variety of audiences and purposes. From information texts to poetry, we seek to enhance all facets of our children’s writing by allowing them to develop basic skills, through structured and sequenced planning, producing and evaluating opportunities in order to inspire their imaginations and craft their criticality. By using high-quality texts as standard-setting markers, we seek to immerse our children in a textually rich environment. This sparks their creativity and allows them the opportunity to create everything from characters from mystical lands, to informative and compelling pieces.  Rich vocabulary is taught and also drawn from a range of texts and embedded throughout our writing lessons.

We follow the Read Write Inc. Spelling scheme to ensure consistency and progression in spelling that follows on from Read Write Inc Phonics. 

We are a Voice 21 Oracy School! Working with our Voice 21 consultant we are developing a bespoke oracy curriculum, which is embedded amongst our curriculum. Our pupils have greater engagement in learning, an increased understanding and awareness of what makes effective oracy and improved oracy skills, particularly during whole-class and group discussion. This has allowed high expectations for oracy and speaking and listening within classrooms and also across the curriculum, building an oracy culture throughout the school. By utilising the Oracy benchmarks, the teaching of oracy explicitly and nurturing it continually, has enabled us to weave it into our curriculum and all aspects of school life to ensure its efficacy and status.

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