Future of Secondary Education in Burnham

Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on Thursday 10th October. Well over 100 people were there so we were delighted to have such a level of support and interest from the community. It was clear that many share our concerns for the future secondary education of children in Burnham. Andy Gillespie and Jill Watson outlined their vision and proposal for developing a “through” school to meet this need. This includes engaging with the community and local businesses and creating a broad and dynamic curriculum. 
The meeting concluded with questions, and these will shortly be published to provide everyone with further information. Copies of the handout are available from school. 
As we said at the meeting, it is fundamental that we demonstrate that there is demand for local secondary provision. If you have not already done so please do complete our questionnaire which can be found here


You will no doubt be aware that E-Act Burnham Park Academy closed at the end of last academic year due to the number of students entering Year 7 significantly decreasing over the last 4 or more years, making the school unable to offer a viable secondary curriculum.

This is a sad end to a school with over 50 years of history that has served the Burnham community well for much of its history.  At the present time Burnham students will either go to Burnham Grammar School or will go to a secondary school in Slough, Maidenhead or Bourne End Academy, which is also run by E-Act.  Many of these schools offer an excellent education, however, as building programmes in Slough and Maidenhead gather pace it is clear that in the near future it is likely that students from Burnham may not be able to gain places in either Slough or Maidenhead secondary schools as they will live too far away.  Quite simply there is a very clear danger that children in Burnham may have very limited options for secondary education if they do not attend Burnham Grammar School.

The Trustees of Beeches Learning and Development Trust (BLDT), which is led by Burnham Grammar School, and the Governors of Lent Rise School have been greatly concerned by this situation and the potential impact on the Burnham community.  Both have been jointly in discussion with Buckinghamshire County Council, who also share these concerns, and the Regional Schools Commissioner to discuss possible long term solutions.  Currently we are discussing the possibility of developing a ‘Through’ school.   If we were to pursue this proposal Lent Rise may join the BLDT; a full consultation in the future would precede any formal decision.

Discussions are at a very early stage but we do need to understand local demand and need for non-selective secondary education to support our vision.  The following survey is available for you to share you views:

We are hosting a public meeting on Thursday 10th October 7pm in Burnham Library to share this information and publicise the survey. Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you require any additional information, but we would like to emphasise that discussions are at an early stage with the Regional Schools Commissioner and we will keep the community informed.  

Yours sincerely, 


Dr A Gillespie                                                              Mrs Jill Watson

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