Parent Survey Results 2018

Each Spring we ask parents to give us their views on how well they think the school is doing, areas we can improve on and ideas for the future. This year we had 88 responses to our survey.

The results are actual respondent numbers and not percentages.


Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree

Don't know

My child is usually happy at school


 48  2  0  2

My child feels safe at this school


 51  0  0  0

My child is looked after well at this school


 53  0  0  6

I am confident that my child receives support if he/she is upset at school


 52  3  0  12

In general staff and pupils have a good relationship


 55  0  0  5

The school is led and managed well


 55  0  1  9

My child makes good progress at this school

 19  50  5



My child is taught well at this school


 52  1  10  0

My child receives appropriate homework for their ability


 49   16  1


Staff explain how I can help my child at home


 43  15  1  13

The school has high expectations for my child


 49  4  18  0 

The school works to ensure pupils are well behaved


 55  9  1  0

My child is aware of school rules and what is expected of them in terms of behaviour


 46  3  0

My child knows how well they are doing with their work


 42  23  0  8

Good work is rewarded / celebrated


 49 10   0  4

The school promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle


 62   1  0  6

I am happy with the arrangements that were made for my son/daughter to settle in


 51  1  0  1

The school is doing enough to prevent bullying


 28  14  0

 Of the parents who answered don't know to the above question, 21 had no concerns in this area and 24    wanted further information.

The school responds to any concerns I raise


 52   1  0  7

The school is doing enough to prevent racism


29 1 0 41

  Of the parents who answered don't know to the above question, 25 had no concerns in this area and 19    wanted further information.

The school is doing enough to prevent antisocial behaviour


 34   1  0  37

 Of the parents who answered don't know to the above question, 14 had no concerns in this area and 26    wanted further information.

I receive useful information from the school about my child's progress


 49   12  1  7

School security is good


 53   0  0  2

The school is well looked after


 49   2  0  4

78 parents out of the 80 who answered the question, said they would recommend the school to others.

We asked parents what they felt were the major strengths of the school. The most common were:

 Standards of teaching
 School ethos
Caring staff
Community feel
High expectations

We asked parents to give us ideas about what they thought the next step for the school should be. The most popular suggestions were:

More parental involvement                                                            

Better retention of staff

Better use of outdoor space

More info for parents on progress and the curriculum


Parents said they would like more information on:

Progress of children, the PTA and tips and hints to support children with learning.


Outcomes and Actions

All comments have been reviewed in detail and have incorporated many aspects that arose into action points for the school as noted below:

  • We are delighted that you report 100% feel pupil safe at school.Another area you shared to celebrate is regarding the improvements to our site and the acknowledgement of regular staff presence on the playground and some example comments were “Building and security greatly improved.” “I like that the gates are manned at drop off and pick up”
  • We are pleased that you value our provision of wrap around care.
  • We have listened to you regarding timings of parents evening and the new timing of Spring term parents evenings were reviewed positively in the comments shared.
  • Many of you have seen improvements in our communications with you. One comment received stated “Much improvement in communication and taking on parent views”

 Actions to implement before September:

  • Spelling results to be shared with parents where they are not
  • Suggested reading lists to be shared on the website

 Actions to consider in the longer term:

  • We will consider the use of large company off site volunteer days
  • We will continue to provide updates on school development priorities shared
  • We will continue to monitor the setting and non-setting across the school
  • We will continue to offer parent workshops/ information evening and encourage more parental involvement throughout the school.
  • We will continue to strive to retain our excellent teaching staff
  • We will continue to develop the use of our outdoor spaces.


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