... at School

... at School

There are a number of ways that you can help your child to be a happy, confident learner at school:

Be positive about school

We have an open door policy at school so please take the opportunity to let us know about any issues your child is having at school or ask any questions that you may have. 

Ensure that your child is in full school uniform

This is about self esteem.  If your child comes in to school feeling good about themselves they will put that into the work they are doing and the way they deal with others. You can find out more about school uniform here.

Give your child a good breakfast and a healthy packed lunch

A healthy, nutritious breakfast will give your child the energy they need for the morning and ensures that they are alert and ready to start the day. A healthy lunch will help set eating habits that will continue as your child grows up. You can find out more about school lunches here.

Arrive on time

Your child needs to be in the playground ready to come into class when the teacher brings the class in. This will ensure your child enters school with their peer group and settles in quickly. 

Ensure your child brings the correct PE kit to school

Sport is part of the curriculum and helps to keep your child fit and healthy.  You can find out more about our PE kit here.

Celebrate your child’s achievements, however small

Praising achievement and effort builds confidence and encourages your child to strive for more. You can find out more about how we reward our students here.

Friendships will change through the child's time at school and there will be adjustments to the relationships they have

If your child feels they have 'lost' a friend or there has been an altercation which you feel needs to be dealt with please tell their class teacher. Please do not try to talk to the other children in the playground or to approach the parent of the child concerned. 

Let us know about any family issues

If there are issues at home or your family situation changes please let us know. Any information you give us will be treated sensitively and in confidence. We can help to support and reassure your child where necessary.

Read through the Parent Pack you receive at the beginning of each year

This provides you with lots of useful information to help you plan ahead and be prepared.

Help your child to learn any key words they have been given

Do they know the word and its meaning?  What about sticking a few onto the fridge and changing them regularly so that your child gets used to seeing them?

Look up topic areas that your child will be studying and try and incorporate these into family activities such as trips to museums or nature walks.

Attend Consultation evenings

This is a chance to have a two way conversation with your child's class teacher-to listen and to be listened to.

Support your child with their homework

Homework is a way of showing your interest in your child’s progress and helps you to see whether your child is keeping pace with the pressures and demands each new year must bring if they are to make progress.

Share books with your children

Reading with your child helps them to find new vocabulary and learn that to read with expression makes the story come alive.

ICT is the future

Access the Lent Rise Learning World with your child and share their work with them. For Key Stage 2 pupils you will also find their half termly targets there so you can support them by asking the right questions.