To give each Reception aged child the best learning opportunities we cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum but extend learning opportunities into areas of the National Curriculum where appropriate.  This allows all children a vast number of learning opportunities and appropriate progression.

During the morning timetable we teach Literacy/phonics and Numeracy sessions.  The afternoons are timetabled to explore learning outside and in other curriculum areas.  ICT has a very strong role in teaching and learning and is used to benefit many learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.  We use a broad range of strategies and learning opportunities when providing access to the creative curriculum.

Our Early Years classes have interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, scanners and visualisers in each class as well as the use of their own fully equipped ICT suite with 12 computers for pupils and an interactive table.

The children also have regular use of the main school ICT suite that also boasts video conferencing facilities.  Children also have access to programmable toys and role play linked ICT, for example using metal detectors in the sand pit.

We have two outdoor areas specifically designed and built for our Early Years classes, one of these is a covered area for use in all weathers. We use our outdoors areas daily to enhance learning within the curriculum.  The pupils have other break times on the main playground.