School News Club Report

30th October 2018
Mrs Small and Mrs Watson run our school new club.  Each week we talk about what we have been doing at Lent Rise and we write news reports to share here.
Get Active Are Here! by Siddhant
Get Active have come to Lent Rise School.  They are teaching sports to some year bands and they are playing in the field. You can play football, dodgeball, catch and other games at an after school club.
Jeans for Genes Day by Aniela
We raised money for Jeans for Genes day because it is a special and worthwhile cause.
Jeans for Genes Day by Poppy
We wore our jeans and donated money to help people.
Lost Property News by Sarika
There has been so much lost property we are starting to have monitors to help.
Litter Picking by Shiv, Swara and Max
Mrs Watson is welcoming volunteers at some lunchtimes to help collect litter from around the school playground and field. They use litter pickers and gloves.
News Reports 30th October 2018:
New Toilets by Shiv
New toilets are here at Lent Rise School.  They are new because the old ones needed an upgrade and the drains were blocked and they well muddy and super smelly!  They were even flooded a few times.
Now they are new and they have new doors.
New Toilets by Swara
So, let's start... we built new toilets becuase they were stinky, smelly and dirty. The new ones have a shutter door and individual cubicles.