Spring Term

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Our Spring Learning

This term our new topic is ‘Around the World’. We will be exploring the many elements that make up our world. We will learn all about the continents and oceans and use atlases to help us locate places around the world!  

We will dive into history and learn about different explorers including Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and will make comparisons between them. In Science, we will be exploring and discussing different animals and their habitats.  

In English, we will begin reading ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve. This is a lively and gorgeously illustrated story that takes us on an explorer’s adventure through undiscovered parts of the world! This text contains a variety of reading, writing and oracy opportunities.  

We will continue to develop our reading skills through our Guided Reading lessons using VIPERS to explicitly teach each reading skill. Year 2 pupils will read and use a range of award-winning reading texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will also continue with our daily RWI Spelling and Phonic sessions to develop and consolidate pupils reading and writing skills.  

In Maths, we will start the term by consolidating our understanding of Addition and Subtraction. The next topics we will be focussing on will be Geometry and Multiplication and Division. 

Trips, Visits and Visitors

Beale Park – 12th March 2024 

An opportunity for the children to look and learn about different animals. 

Student Voice
Wariz- "We've learnt about the continents. We've used directional language to describe where the places are in the world. To help me remember North, South, East and West I use; naughty, elephants, squirt water."
Isabella- "We've been learning about aboriginal art. They tell stories in their art. I liked the first Barramundi story." 
Aadit- "I like how Oliver didn't panic when his parents disappeared. I wonder why or how he's not panicking- he's only 10!"
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Key Dates

PE – Tuesday and Wednesday 

Library- 2B on Monday and 2W on Thursdays 

Year 2 Recommended Reads 
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Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
19/02/24  - 23/02/24 
2B- Moussa- 23,843 
Year 2 Class Buddies 
2W: Harlie- Dawn, Jasmine, Ellie, Freyja
2B: Rose, Sienna, Darcie

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