Spring Term

Welcome to Year 4
Meet our Teachers
Our Spring Learning

This term, Year 4 will be immersing ourselves into Ancient Egypt. We are looking forward to learning all about the history behind the Ancient Egyptian civilisation including; how they used the River Nile, hieroglyphics, exploring artefacts and using atlases to locate where they lived.  

In our Science lessons, we will explore sound and electricity. We will conduct scientific experiments to test how sound and electricity works and apply this learning to our everyday lives.  

We will be very busy in Maths this term. We will study a range of topics including; Multiplication and Division, Length and perimeter, Fractions and Decimals 


Art/DT - Pharoh Headdress and Sand Art. We will also take inspiration from the artist Alaa Awad when making Pharoah Self-portraits 

We will learn how to code using Scratch in ICT 

Trips, Visits and Visitors

25th January 2023- Eton College Museum 

The children will be visiting the museum to look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Student Voice

Monty: ‘I liked being able to use my imagination to write my Viking Saga’.  


Joey: ‘I like learning about who the Vikings were and how they sailed across different countries to raid.’ 


Sydney: ‘I enjoyed going to the Methodist Church to make our Christingles. That was fun!’ 


Maddie: ‘I enjoyed learning all about how the Vikings built. The travelled using longships and lived in longhouses.’ 


Riah: ‘The Viking workshop in Ufton Court was interesting. We got to play lots of games and even pretended to be Vikings.’ 


Ameya: ‘Our Spanish teacher has taught us the names of sea creatures in Spanish. We also learnt to describe what they did and what colour they were.’ 

Useful Learning Links
 BBC Bitesize- An Introduction to Ancient Egypt 

Natgeokids.com - National Geographic website for children on Ancient Egypt 

English Writing Practice - KS2 English - Twinkl (free writing resources for parents) 

Primary resources, homework help and online games - BBC Bitesize (Free resources and videos. Covers a wide range of year 4 topics, including Ancient Egypt) 

Century Tech – Individual learning pathway for your child 

Table Rock Stars – extra practice ahead of our times tables check in May Times 

Booksfortopics.com - Books linked to our topics 

Key Dates

4V Library: Monday 

4B Library: Tuesday 

Indoor P.E (NO KITS): 4B Monday + 4V Tuesday 

Outdoor P.E days (FULL KIT): Wednesday and Thursday 

Year 4 Recommended Reads
Questions to support your child with reading.
Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
29/01/24  - 02/02/24 
4B- Bobby- 5,477 
4V- Anaya- 75,204 
05/02/24  - 09/02/24 
4B- Aathman - 17,249 
4V - Zaid - 19,443 
19/02/24  - 23/02/24 
4B- Finley - 422
4V - Shakeeb - 283,026 

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