Summer Term

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For the summer term, our Year One curriculum will be focused around the theme “Life in the Past”. This will give us a wonderful opportunity to explore various aspects of history, science, geography, design and technology, art, and music through an engaging framework.  

In English, we will delve into a selection of texts that illuminate different aspects of life in the past. Our primary texts will include: 

“Daisy Saves the Day” by Shirley Hughes. 

“The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny by Philip Ardagh. 

“You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Victorian Schoolchild” by John Malam. 

Our focus in science will be on plants. Students will engage in hands-on activities such as planting seeds and observing their growth over time. This practical approach will help our children understand plant life cycles, the conditions needed for growth, and the parts of a plant. 

The Victorian era will be our window into the past. We’ll explore various aspects of Victorian life, including the life of a Victorian child, Victorian toys, and general living conditions.  

Our geography lesson will centre around the topic of weather. The children will learn about different types of weather and will undertake a project to record the weather over a specified period. This will help them understand weather patterns and the vocabulary associated with describing weather conditions. 

Leveraging our historical theme, the year 1s will create Victorian pop-up cards in DT and in Art, they will explore the works of artists from the past, with a specific focus on Claude Monet. Similarly, our music sessions will introduce the children to composers from the past. 

Trips, Visits and Visitors
Victorian Workshop - tbc 
Student Voice
What have you enjoyed during the spring term?
  • We have listened to music from different times. I like music from the 1950’s most – William 

  • We know how to measure lengths and height. We are learning that in Maths. – Marnie 

  • We made lanterns during our guided Reading lesson. Our book is called The Dark. – Adhvik 

  • We know about democracy and learnt about how people vote for a party. Nivedya 

  • In History, we learnt about Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II. Hussain 

  • I know that different materials have different properties. That is why my coat is waterproof - Amelia  

  • I made a worm that can move with a lever. I like DT. - Ben 

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Key Dates
Indoor PE: Monday afternoon 1P and 1W
Year 1 Recommended Reads
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Accelerated Reader

Weekly Word Count Winners:


22/04/24  - 26/04/24 

1P- Hussain - 1394 

1W - Nivedya - 844 


29/04/24 - 03/05/24

1P- Hussain - 2,050 

1W - Emma - 662 


06/05/24 - 10/05/24

1P- Hussain - 1,464 

1W - Jaiden - 2,204 


13/05/24 - 17/05/24

1P- Hussain - 3,894 

1W - Jaiden - 1,490 

Year 1 Class Buddies
1W: Chayla, Jasleen, Ocean, Danielle
1P: Georgiana, Aariya, Florence, Kyreen

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