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London’s Burning! 


This term our new topic is ‘London’s Burning. We will be taking a journey back in time… all the way back to 1666. We will discover what (and who) caused the Great Fire as well as the impact and changes that were made.  

We will learn about important people during the GFoL, including Samuel Pepys and his diary.  

In Science, we will explore different materials and learn about their properties and develop a greater understanding of why buildings in Londoon changed after the Great Fire. As the weather gets sunnier, we will be stepping outdoors and planting our own seeds to observe the growth of different plants under different conditions while learning about what plants need to survive.  

In music, we will be using the ocarinas to learn a variety of songs, including London’s Burning!  


In English, we will begin reading ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London. This story recounts the events from the Great Fire of London from the perspective of a flea called Vlad and a rat called Boxton. In Summer 2, we will be reading a range of fractured fairy tales including ‘After the Fall’ and ‘#Goldilocks’ and will then have the opportunity to use our own authors voice to create our own version of a fractured fairy tale. We will continue to develop our reading skills through our Guided Reading lessons using VIPERS to explicitly teach each reading skill. Year 2 pupils will read and use a range of award-winning reading texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will also continue with our daily RWI Spelling and Phonic sessions to develop and consolidate pupils reading and writing skills. 


In Maths, we will start the term with a new concept: Multiplication and division. Following this, the next topics we will be focussing on will be Time, Statistics and Position and direction. 

Trips, Visits and Visitors
We will be inviting Drama Hub into our school this term to complete a dramatical workshop about the Great Fire of London with Year 2. Year 2 will have an immersive experience where they will travel back in time to 1666 and consolidate their learning as well as learn some new and interesting facts!  
Student Voice

What have you enjoyed about the spring term?


Aston – I enjoyed doing Young Carers with Miss Moule because we made stress balls by filling balloons with tiny little jelly balls. 

Honey – I enjoyed our school trip to Beale Park because I saw different animals I hadn’t seen before like the emu’s. 

Ellaha This half term, I have really enjoyed English, especially when we were writing our own fact file about the lost city of Propacopaketl. 

Noah – I liked making vegetable and noodle stir fry in DT, it tasted really yummy. 

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Key Dates

BOTH year 2 classes will library borrow on Mondays. 

Children will be able to borrow on additional days with the librarians during KS2 lunch (Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays). 

*A reminder that children can borrow up to 2 books at a time and must return these prior to any new borrowing. 

PE – Tuesday and Wednesday

Year 2 Recommended Reads
Questions to support your child with reading.
Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
15/04/24  - 19/04/24 
2B- Thanmaya- 4469 
22/04/24  - 26/04/24 
2B- Moussa - 30,644 
2B- Moussa - 32,772 
06/05/24 - 10/05/24
2W- Iman - 9,231 
13/05/24 - 17/05/24
2B- Hassan 959 
2W- Iman - 14,040 
Year 2 Class Buddies 
2W: Jasmine, Ellie, Freyja
2B: Rose, Sienna, Darcie

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