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Welcome to Year 2
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Welcome to Year 2, we hope you had a wonderful holiday and are excited to start to learn, reach and shine. We cannot wait to share all the lovely topics we will be covering this year.

Our first topic this year is ‘A Journey Through Time’. In the first half of term for History we will be exploring the life of Florence Nightingale and how she introduced clean hygiene into hospitals. In Geography we will be studying maps of the local area of Burnham and learning about the key geographical symbols. In Science, we will be exploring and discussing animals including humans and healthy living, looking into the importance of exercise, a healthy diet, hygiene and identifying the different food groups.

In English we will be reading ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl. This is a wonderful story of a little girl called Sophie who meets a big friendly giant and goes on an adventure to stop the terrifying giants. This text lends itself to many writing opportunities including character descriptions, setting descriptions and poetry. We will continue to develop our reading skills through our Guided Reading lessons using VIPERS to explicitly teach each reading skill. We will use a range of award-winning reading texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will also continue with our daily RWI Spelling and Phonic sessions to develop and consolidate pupil's reading and writing skills.

In Maths, we are starting the year with Place Value. We will use a variety of concrete resources and written methods to solve problems. The children will become familiar with the key vocabulary and different methods to show a number.

Trips, Visits and Visitors
Roald Dahl Museum – 7th November 2023 
Student Voice
'I'm looking forward to reading more of George's Marvellous Medicine in guided reading because its really funny so far'- Honey 
'I'm looking forward to board games club because I really like board games, especially chess and checkers'- Moussa
'I'm enjoying book club because I got to go to the library and do fun stuff'- Mia 
'I like doing PE and fit in 10 because it is good for you'- Denis 
'I enjoyed doing maths, English and guided reading because they are fun and useful to us'- Anaiyah 
'I'm really looking forward to going on the trips to the zoo and the Roald Dhal museum'- Sydney 
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Key Dates

PE – Tuesday and Wednesday 

Library- 2B on Monday and 2W on Thursdays 

Year 2 Recommended Reads 
Questions to support your child with reading.
Accelerated Reader

Week beginning 27.11.23

2B- Moussa- 14,258 


Year 2 Class Buddies 
2W: Harlie- Dawn, Jasmine, Ellie, Freyja
2B: Rose, Sienna, Darcie

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