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In Year 6 this term, our topic is twofold: in the first half term, we will be delving into the history of Exploration – learning about many exciting historical characters and concepts such as Marco Polo, The Age of Exploration and ending with our bridging area, The Tudors. After half term, we will be continuing onto the history of Crime & Punishment! We will learn about how punishments used to be and how our justice system has evolved over time. Aptly, our focus text throughout the summer term will be ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar – a tale of a boy named Stanley, who finds himself fulfilling the consequences for a crime he did not commit! In Guided Reading, our texts will all revolve around our main topics and help support the children’s application of their VIPERS skills for the SATs and beyond into secondary school. Our writing pieces will focus around this funny and endearing book throughout the term. In maths, our focus will be on angles within shapes – this will combine practical application of measuring angles and also reasoning, using abstract understanding. Post SATs, our mathematical journey will become more exploratory and focus on lifelong, applicable areas such as money and statistics. As it's the final term in year 6, and the final primary school term for our cohort, there will also be some extra activities and surprises along the way too!  
Trips, Visits and Visitors

Y6 Residential- 26th to 28th June 2024 

An amazing opportunity for the children to go away with their peers for the first time, learn some new, practical life skills and have a blast in the outdoors 

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Indoor P.E (NO KITS): 6V Monday + 6N X 

Outdoor P.E days (FULL KIT): Tuesday and Wednesday 

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Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
15/04/24  - 19/04/24 
6N- Elizabeth- 151,328 
6V - Gyaan- 323,417 
22/04/24  - 26/04/24 
6V - Gyaan- 68,822 
6N - Umair - 281,088 
6V - Eshal - 107,826 
06/05/24 - 10/05/24
6N - Ria  - 71,894 
6V - Gyaan 86,479 

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