Summer Term

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Our Summer Learning

In the Summer Term, Year 5 put on their discoverers’ hats and delve into the past with the Ancient Maya and Ancient Greeks. We look at the legacies that we have the latter to thank for. In Maths, we start by looking at Statistics and how data can be both plotted and interpreted from graphs, before moving on to how to read tables and timetables, a very useful skill! Later Maths topics include Shape, Position and Direction, Decimals, Negative numbers, Converting units and Volume. 

In Guided Reading, we shall be continuing to read a range of texts, covering fiction, non-fiction, picture books, graphic novels and poetry to broaden our reading experience as well as develop our reading skills. 

In English, we shall be reading ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans and linking our drama, fiction and non-fiction writing to the text. 

In Science, we will explore... 

In Art, we're studying Keith Haring's graffiti style, and we'll be finishing the year with our food topic in DT. 

Trips, Visits and Visitors
Y5 Virtual Reality workshop – Tuesday 7th May  
Student Voice

What did you enjoy in the spring term? 


  • Ayden – ‘DT was great, we used saws and glue guns and I liked problem solving to make adjustments to my bridge.’ 

  • Savi – ‘It was fun to do something I’d never done before in DT by using the saws.’ 

  • Kyle – ‘I’ve enjoyed becoming more confident in Maths.’ 

  • Mille – ‘I like working in a group to complete projects.’ 

  • Macie – ‘I really enjoyed challenging myself in PE.’ 


What are you looking forward to in the summer term?


  • Kyra – ‘I’m looking forward to learning about Ancient Civilisations in History.’ 

  • Daisy-Mai – ‘I can’t wait to learn lots of new things.’ 

  • Kyan – ‘I’m looking forward to new challenges in lessons.’ 

  • Rosie – ‘I’m looking forward to our food topic in DT.’ 

  • Cienna – ‘I’m looking forward to learning about Greek Gods in our topic lessons.’ 

Useful Learning Links
Key Dates

Our PE days for both classes are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please only come into school in your PE kits on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as Fridays we have indoor PE. 

Our library days are Monday for 5K and Tuesday for 5PS, although you can go during any lunch time as well. 

Year 5 Recommended Reads
Questions to support your child with reading.
Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
15/04/24  - 19/04/24 
5K- Advitha - 137,346 
5PS - Cienna /Alaina- 56,147 
22/04/24  - 26/04/24 
5K- Saavan - 153,630 
5PS - Cienna /Alaina- 52,571 
5K- Advitha - 85,393 
5PS - Shubhra - 229,362 
06/05/24 - 10/05/24
5K- Reeva  - 84,349 
5PS - Shubhra - 44,908 
13/05/24 - 17/05/24
5K- Advitha - 80,979 
5PS - Loukya 165,380 

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