Spring Term

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New beginnings in 2024 means an exciting new topic for our Year 6s: 'Battle for Life'. This topic explores the biological battles that have raged and the amazing adaptations that our world has undergone throughout time. Our topic lessons will centre around this and cross over with English this term. The main text, 'Lightning Mary' is based around the famous, and historically significant, palaeontologist Mary Anning, who paved the way for female scientists around the globe. The children will look forward to a variety of writing pieces, including biographies and poetry, and will be discussing interesting concepts, such as natural selection, fossilisation and some roarsome dinosaurs!  


In Maths, we continue to roll through the Year 6 curriculhm and turn to ratios, then 'fractions, decimals and percentages', all the while having a continued focus on our reasoning processes and times table fluency.    


In our Spanish lessons, we will continue to apply our knowledge of the date and put this into practise before moving on to exploring how to pronounce pets in Spanish. 


As we put our creative hats on, we will explore the work of Hokusai, a Japanese artist, who specialised in paintings

Trips, Visits and Visitors

29th January – Height and Weight Checks 

6th – 9th February – Book Fayre (more information incoming) 

1st March – Geology Workshop (onsite at LRS) 

5th March – Trip to NHM Tring 

6th March – Parent and Teacher Consultations 1 

7th March – World Book Day 

13th March - Parent and Teacher Consultations 2 

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Century Tech 

Key Dates

Indoor P.E (NO KITS): 6V Monday + 6N X 

Outdoor P.E days (FULL KIT): Tuesday and Wednesday 

Year 6 Recommended Reads
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Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
29/01/24  - 02/02/24 
6N- Elizabeth- 113,511 
6V- Eshal- 203,609 
05/02/24  - 09/02/24 
6N - Ria - 187,374 
6V - Eshal - 328,998 
19/02/24  - 23/02/24 
6V - Gyaan - 64,318 

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