Spring Term

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Our Spring Learning 


Our writing topics revolve around our fascinating Romans on a Rampage topic. Our first text is Iliona – Diary of a Roman Slave.  

 The first few weeks will focus on newspaper reports, describing the tragic events that happened to Iliona and her brother. We will spend the remainder of this first half term looking at writing diary entries from Iliona’s point of view.  

The second half of the term will be spent on Boudica’s army, where we will create accurate biographies of her life.  



We cover a wide variety of topics this term. At first, we will spend several weeks on multiplication and division, learning how to complete these equations involving 2-digit numbers. We will then complete learning into length & perimeter, fractions, and finishing with mass & capacity.  



Our Romans on a Rampage topic has proven to be incredibly popular in the past, and we hope the cohort this year will enjoy it just the same! The first half term will focus on the geography of Italy, comparing its physical and human geography with the United Kingdom.  



During the first half term, we will focus on the human body and other animal species, learning about bones, muscles, and the things the body needs to function and survive. In the second half term, we will spend the 6 weeks learning about light and its impact on our lives.  



The first half term will be spent learning about the artist Sonia Boyce, an artist who created fascinating portraits. Following this, we will design and create moving monsters using new engineering skills!  



We will be covering two topic during the Spring term. Firstly, we will be focussing on our dreams and goals. This is an interesting topic as we spend time learning about the dreams we have and the barriers we could face to help us achieve them. Following this, we will be focussing on how to keep ourselves healthy, as part of our ‘Healthy me’ topic.  



Our Spring term religion is Christianity, and we will take a closer look at two different areas of their beliefs. We begin by enquiring into the miracles performed by Jesus and these stories from the bible. The second half will focus on Good Friday and discuss the importance of this day to Christians.  

Trips, Visits and Visitors

Roman Verulamium St. Albans – 26th March 

We take a journey into the past, visiting the Roman museum in St. Albans. All children will have an opportunity to take part in a workshop with Roman artifacts, comparing their life to those in Roman times.  

Student Voice

“I love our maths! The dividing is really hard but I like it when I get it right” 

“Our book is very interesting! I hope Iliona stops being kept as a slave” 

“I like to learn about Italy in geography. It is very different to England!” 

“I wrote a newspaper report about Iliona being taken by pirates! It sounds very scary.” 

“I loved learning how to multiply bigger numbers. I am really good at it now!” 

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Key Dates

PE – Monday & Wednesday 

Library – Monday  

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Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
29/01/24  - 02/02/24 
3A- Taran- 78,577 
3E- Leo- 31,767 
05/02/24  - 09/02/24 
3A- James - 79,156 
3E - Kimryn - 43,926 
19/02/24  - 23/02/24 
3A- Ethyn- 28,241 
3E - Avneet - 77,325 
Year 3 Class Buddies
3A: Sienna, Darcie, Rose 
3E: Georgiana, Florence, Kyreen, Aariya

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