Summer Term

Welcome to Year 4
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Our Summer Learning
In year four this year our topic is ocean explorers! We will be learning all about the different layers of the ocean, where they are located and who lives in them. In English our book will be song of the dolphin boy, we will be letter writing and creating biographies linked to our topic! In science, we will be discovering food chains and webs – how different animals survive and what the environment they live in must consist of. 
Trips, Visits and Visitors
We will be going on a virtual reality to the oceans with a visitor joining us in school this term. 
Student Voice
What did you enjoy during the spring term? 

'I liked learning about fractions and adding fractions' - Lily. 

'I loved learning about mummification and mummying a tomato'- Jaya. 

'My favourite part was making Egyptian death masks in art'- Lyla. 

'I enjoyed making the Welsh cakes with my favourite toppings'- Anda. 

'I really enjoyed learning about the Egyptians. I was amazed that they had so much gold and treasures.' - Nihal
'Last term, I really liked learning my times tables. I enjoyed using the Funkey Maths times tables cards. They have helped me learn my times tables. In art, I liked how we sketched headpieces that the Egyptians wore.' - Ferne 
What are you looking forward to in the summer term? 
'I'm looking forward to having lots more games and equipment to use at break and lunchtime. This will make breaktimes even more fun.' - Hafsa
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Key Dates

4V Library: Monday 

4B Library: Tuesday 

Indoor P.E (NO KITS): 4B Monday + 4V Tuesday 

Outdoor P.E days (FULL KIT): Wednesday and Thursday 

Year 4 Recommended Reads
Questions to support your child with reading.
Accelerated Reader
Weekly Word Count Winners:
15/04/24  - 19/04/24 
4V- Lea- 53,754 
22/04/24  - 26/04/24 
4B - Madeleine - 6,321 
4V - Ameya  - 66,825 
4B - Bhavneet - 41,671 
4V - Shakeeb - 68,370 
06/05/24 - 10/05/24
4B - Sandra 1,773 
4V - Zara 42,192 
13/05/24 - 17/05/24
4V - Husayn 43,823 

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